Sewer Inflow & Infiltration (I&I)


The Borough is in the process of completing a 2-year project to address sewer I & I. 

  • Sewer I & I in general terms is water run-off that enters the sewer system.  This run-off can come from many sources.

The Borough staff has been installing I & I Domes in the 151 sewer manholes within the Borough. 

  • These domes are placed under the manhole lid to minimize the storm water run-off that seeps through the manholes into the sewer system.

I & I occurs everyone and is an added cost for everyone.  This additional water, once entered into the sewer system, has to be treated at CoLA’s Treatment Facility.


Help Us Keep Cost Down

Another way this water gets into the sewer system is through residential clean-outs and vents.  If the clean-out or vent caps come off of the residential lateral, the rain can quickly run into the sewer system.

  • If your sewer clean out or vent caps are missing; replace them.  The caps are fairly inexpensive and readily available. Maintenance is part of the Borough’s Rules and Regulations for Sewer and the homeowner’s responsibility.