Public Notification/Rapid Response & Boil Water Advisories


 What to do if your home is in a Boil Water Advisory

Public notification is intended to ensure that consumers will always know if there is a problem with their drinking water. These notices immediately alert consumers if there is a serious problem with their drinking water that may pose a risk to public health. They also notify customers if their water does not meet drinking water standards or if the water system fails to test its water in accordance with the schedule provided through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP).

Public notification has always been part of the Safe Drinking Water Act.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised the existing Public Notification Rule to better tailor the form, manner, and timing of the notices to the relative risk to human health.  The revised rule makes notification easier and more effective for both water systems that must do the notification and to their customers.

  • Cornwall Borough has purchased a Rapid Response System.  In an effort to keep the public informed in a timely fashion should circumstances warrant.  The new call system has the ability to contact the entire borough in less than 20 minutes!

Cornwall Borough will make every attempt to notify its customers; but this is not possible if current information is not available.  Forms are available at the office or can be downloaded (Emergency Contact Form with ebill option). 

  • Cornwall Borough is not responsible for contacting tenants.  This information was requested from the known landlords.  
  • You may call Cornwall Borough to see if your information is on file or you can download the form (tenant form with E-bill option).

The only time the Cornwall Borough has had to call water customers is when a leak has been discovered on a water main.  This usually occurs in the fall and winter months.  If the water must be shut completely off as the staff is fixing a leak, under the new ruling this constitutes a “Loss of Positive Pressure” and a Boil Water Advisory must be sent. What to do if your home is in a Boil Water Advisory