Well Permits & Digging


The water and sewer mains are underground and unless you spot a hydrant have a tendency to be forgotten.  There are water service lines and sewer laterals running from the mains – through each yard – to every home.  These lines may be closer to the surface than you think.

Call 811 (Pa One Call) prior to digging.

  • The Borough has the responsibility to mark from the main to the curb box.
  • The responsibility to the home, falls on the homeowner.

Remember, there are a lot of other service providers who have their lines buried.


The Cornwall Borough Water & Sewer Dept does require a permit prior to the digging of a well. 

  • The law requires residents to use the public water system for domestic use if available. 
  • Wells drilled for the purpose of Geo-thermal heat are permitted. 
  • Well locations must be tracked per Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
  • Well Permit & Registration Form

Please remember to call 811 (Pa One Call System) prior to any dig.